Juicing for Weight Loss
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Juicing for Weight Loss

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Over the years I’ve tried almost everything during my health journey.  Today, even with Lymes Disease, I feel better than ever.  There are some things that have been instrumental in keeping and maintaining good health & wellbeing in my life.  Now, I want to share them with you.

Red light therapy is my go-to everyday to help my body wake up, recover, heal and rejuvenate.  I’ve not only used it to overcome pain and injuries but to maintain overall health.  So many great benefits and studies show the benefits of red light therapy – here’s my story and which one I use.  

My near infared sauna is one of the top things I’ve used to supercharge my health.  I use it almost every day to sweat out the toxins, raise my core temperature to kill pathogens and maintain my weight.  It feels great and has produced dramatic results in my overall health.  Here’s information on why I recommend it, and which sauna I got.

I started using the Ion Cleanse by AMD at a wellness center and chiropractor office over 10+ years ago.  I loved it, but didn’t get one until last year.  I wish I had gotten it sooner.  This ionic footbath supports your body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to detox.  Our bodies need all the help we can get with the toxins in our world nowadays, and this has helped me tremendously.

I have two Berkey Filters and love them both.  I have had a few filters over the years, but here is why I recommend and love the Berkey.

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We are bombarded by EMFs and dirty electricity everyday.  The constant radiation and electrical waves is not optimal for good health.  I dove deep into solutions that could mitigate this in my home and here are my personal solutions.

For years I wanted a rebounder, but never got one. I had heard about the Bellicon for lymphatic drainage, toning, weight loss and overall health so I decided to splurge on it.  I love it, and here is why.