Juicing for Weight Loss
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Juicing for Weight Loss

Lemon Juice Shots

Juice shots to stimulate your liver and bowels first thing in the morning

Why would you want to make a juice shot? Well, sometimes you just need a little bit of ‘super concentrated’ juice each day when working on a particular health problem, or to reach your goals.

You can make them ahead of time and have them ready to go for the week, and consume one every morning.

I have IBS and when I get stressed, I get constipated.  I discovered that these little lemon juice shots with water, on an empty stomach first thing in the morning hydrate me and stimulate my liver and bowels to help my body naturally eliminate and detox.  It’s one of the most important health habits I’ve adopted.

How do I do this?  I juice straight lemon juice and store them in our Juice Shot Bottles.  They keep for several days in the fridge and do freeze well.  I have also mixed them with 50 percent water, or sometimes add ginger or apple to make it sweet.  I will either drink it straight or pour it into 8 ounce of water.  

After I wake up, it’s the first thing I have in the morning before anything else.  Super good for your digestion, too.  Make this a healthy habit of yours to start the day and I promise you, you’ll notice a difference!

Lemon Juice Shots Recipe


  • 5-10 medium lemons, juiced with or without peel 
  • Optional: 1/2-1 cup filtered water


Juice the lemons and add them to your shot bottles and fill it to the top.  Save in the fridge or freeze for later use each morning during the week. Makes 6-10 shots, depending on how big your lemons are.  If you prefer a less stronger shot to drink straight, then fill them half with lemon and half with water until filled to the top.

If you juice it with the peel it will be bitter and strong, but has many benefits.  It’s not needed if you don’t want to.  Add ginger or an apple if drinking straight lemon juice is hard for you.

To best support your body to eliminate and cleanse, drink these shots with water first thing in the morning, after you wake up, before consuming anything else.  

BENEFITS: Lemon shots or lemon water first thing in the morning helps cleanse the colon and supports the liver. When your body is properly eliminating and cleansing, it can clear up skin issues, help with digestion, heartburn and stomach issues.

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