Juicing for Weight Loss
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Juicing for Weight Loss

Scarlet Sizzle Juice Recipe | Grapefruit, Beet, Apple Juice

The Scarlett Sizzle juice recipe is one of my favorites! There is no better way to combine the sweet and sour flavors that beets, grapefruits and apples combine.  It’s also a fabulous way to add in leftover beet greens you wouldn’t otherwise use.

This combination may aid your body in detoxing and sweeping away toxins.  I personally love the taste and know that adding any greens to the mix will not change the flavor much.

This is perfect for breakfast, a snack or part of a juice fast.  It’s also a good one to give to non-juicers because it has a pleasant taste for almost everyone.

Scarlet Sizzle Juice Recipe from the Juice Lover's Big Book of Juices paperback.

The juice ingredients and benefits

APPLE  Apples contain pectins that can help sweet away toxins and aid in digesting fats.

BEET  Beets are strong liver cleansers and are a good source of iron.

GRAPEFRUIT  Grapefruits are high in enzymes that help to burn fat and may speed up metabolism.  They also have salicylic acid that helps to break down extra inorganic calcium.

Here’s the Scarlet Sizzle juice recipe

This makes enough for 2 glasses or juice or one large glass (12-16 ounces).



1 grapefruit

1 apple

1 beet, greens optional



Cut the peel off of the grapefruit and core the apple.  Cut the beet into quarters.  Juice all three ingredients together. Mix it together and serve immediately.

Optional variations for the Scarlet Sizzle juice recipe

Add spring water:  If you don’t like juices as thick and strong as this one, dilute the juice with about 1/2 to 1 cup of spring water.

Add sparkling water:  This juice tastes great when you add a little bit of bubbles – it makes it taste just like soda.

Add beet greens:  If you have beet greens attached to your beets then this recipe is a great way to use them.  Beet greens can be a little strong tasting, but they are highly detoxifying and very good for you.  Adding a few leaves/stems to this juice won’t change the taste much.